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Our Core Proposition

"Develop any distributed Web application and supporting back-office application at one-tenth the time and cost compared to 3GL technologies."

Your investments in a software product are for long term. Your requirements will change over time and unless your software is equipped to respond to these changes, your investments can quickly turn into a liability. Pro<DOC/> has been designed - from ground up - to be enterprise class, scalable, secure and delivers orders of magnitude gain in productivity. Majority of development is in the form of business rules and the resulting code is very compact and highly maintainable.

Pro<DOC/> fully addresses the development of front-end components, back-end components and the back-office application.

Check out some of the solutions that are based on our technology, and get in touch with us at sales@rightangle.co.in


Our Vision

"To continually strive for higher efficiency, better optimization, faster deployment and maximum control in the management of outsourced, internal or hosted Business Processes of our customers through innovative, flexible, secure and scalable software product solutions."

"To be the de-facto standard platform for development, hosting and management of Business processes everywhere."


Our Background

Rightangle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1999 by a group of IT professionals with the objective of exploiting opportunities emerging from the Internet revolution. The first venture of the company was an Email portal - Idiotmail.com, an aggregation portal for Web and POP/IMAP based E-mail accounts.

After the DotCom bust we quickly reoriented ourselves around the core vision of Product based IT solutions delivery. We are based in NOIDA, the hub of IT in north India.

Our Customers

  1. Lloyds TSB Bank, UK
  2. Lexdata, USA
  3. Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Greater NOIDA Authority, India
  5. Voice Of India
  6. Acme Organics

Our Partners

  1. Octopus
  2. Vayam Technologies
  3. Yatra.com
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